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2nd hand
Although we try to keep our used karts inventory as up to date as possible, we cannot warrant the condition, accuracy of the information, or availability of the karts on this page.

We have many potential customers worldwide reviewing our used kart inventory and our inventory is sold in many territories, represented by different distributors and sales outlets.

We can only hold karts, both in our inventory, or becoming available with a 10% deposit on the karts.

Until we have received your deposit, we must respect all potential customers and work on a first come and pay, first serve base.
Fully optioned RTX karts available. Just turned 3 years and are maintained to a very high standard.

Adjustable seat
Adjustable steering
1/4 upholstered seat
Light package
Roll bar + 4 point seatbelt

These karts are available in June.
Chargers and remote control system not included but available.

Located in AZ. We can assist in shipping and setup of your track.
Asking $ 7950ea

We will go through these karts carefully and set them up at your location.
Available for immediate delivery:

1 x RT8 270cc Brand new, never even started.

Roll bar + Seatbelt
Adjustable XXL seat
Quarter upholstered seat
Anti gas/brake system
Full light kit
Kart Control transponder factory installed.

Big discount, already located in the US.
We ship anywhere.

RX7 with Honda 270, 9hp engine.
Adjustable seat
Roll bar + 4 point seat belt
Adjustable pedals
Anti gas/brake system
Karts are running every day on our track right now.

Please contact us for more info:

Karts are $ 2100.00 ea or $ 20.000 for all 10.
7 x GT5 270cc with all important options.

-Rollbar/4 point seatbelt
-Upholstered seats
-Anti gas/brake

Karts are just 2.5 years old and available immediately.

Located in IN.
Asking $ 3,495.00 ea
We ship anywhere.

Email for more info.
5 x Bowman Storm
13 HP 390cc Honda - Chain Drive
20 hours or less on all engines
Carbon Fiber look side pods
Suede steering wheels
Fully upholstered Caliba seats
Like new condition

These karts were VIP karts and were treated that way. Always all fluids drained after each use for storage and are really like new!

Asking $ 3,750.00 ea + shipping

Located in AZ.
Located in Southern California and available for immediate delivery
Stratos XS chassis
13 HP 390cc Honda - Chain Drive
Fully upholstered Caliba seats
Adjustable pedals
Good condition, well maintained
Used once a year for past few years

Total of 14 available plus over $ 5,000 in spare parts
$ 1,800 each or $ 24,000 for all 14 with spare parts
These karts a little over 2 years old and located in the US.

Karts have following options:
Roll bar + Seatbelt
Adjustable seat
Anti gas/brake system

Located on the East Coast.
Asking $ 2750ea.

Please contact us for any further information.

Karts available June '17
Kart is just 2 years old.

Comes equipped with the following options:
Roll bar + seatbelt for driver and passenger
Anti gas/brake system
Passenger protection

Located on the East Coast
Asking $ 7000

Please contact us for more information.

Available June '17